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The school community is stronger when we work together to accomplish our goals.  At Madrona, we are fortunate to have a community rich with culture, consideration and compassion with the strength, unity, resolve and urgency to make a difference for kids and the future of our world.  The PTSA is a critical and important partnership that engages our families and mobilizes other community resources to support the teaching and learning going on in the classrooms and hallways of our school.  The Student Leadership groups and clubs ensures that our youth is directly involved and empowered to create opportunities for each other and make a difference in both here at Madrona and beyond.  Social services organizations, local businesses and other associations also have and continue to invest in Madrona Elementary. 

We need our community and depend on the local capacity to ensure our kids continue to get the very best education we can provide.  Thank you. 

Please contact our school if you have ideas or questions about how you can be a part of our support network to ensure that our work is meaningful, ever-growing and effective as we strive to teach and learn together, each and every day!

Madrona Elementary Learning Community. 

Panther Partners PTSA – Developing our Future Leaders.
Visit the Madrona PTSA website for more information.

PTSA Mission: The PTSA’s mission is to partner with Madrona Elementary staff and families to offer a model for successful public education by: supporting every student’s individual needs, creating solutions that are sustainable given available resources, increasing equitable access to enriching and challenging experiences for students, and strengthening family engagement in a respectful and inclusive way.

Outreach Mission:
“Every child, every parent –engaged in education”

We know that in order for our students to be successful, families must be engaged with teachers and the school. Research shows that children perform better academically when they see their parents/guardians/families volunteering at school. Get involved and help all our students succeed