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Tana Leybold

Leybold, Tana

Admin Secretary Elementary-222

Lubong, Gilbert

License Assistant H

McClain, Jody

Audiologist Special Ed
Hector Miguel

Miguel, Hector

Speech Therapist
Jason Moss
Lisa Oehl
Jocilyn Pacheco
Jerica Saucedo

Smith, Carmel

Special Education Teacher & 504 Building Coordinator

Personal Message

Emma Stern
Kyler Stewart

Stewart, Kyler

Teacher-Elementary Specialist

Greetings! It is my privilege to teach Health and Fitness at Madrona Elementary. This is a wonderful award winning school with enthusiastic staff, parents, and students. This is my 4th year at Madrona and my 7th year teaching overall.  Before my arrival in Seattle, I obtained my Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education and Teaching from Central Washington University. I value Health and Fitness as an essential part to one’s formal education and well-being. I lead a very healthy/active lifestyle myself and look forward to sharing the benefits of such a lifestyle with all of my students. In my free time I enjoy distance running, hiking trails and Ultimate Frisbee. I love playing guitar and drums. I play a lot of board games and chess. I also practice amateur photography. I am interested in nutrition and how it relates to performance. I enjoy cooking and planning meals. Go Panthers!

Taylor, Andrea

Special Education Asst/ISE - 203/7
Madison Taylor